Board of Directors

John Beatty – Board Chairman
Bill Dunlap – Vice Chairman
Rick Keeton – Treasurer
Phyllis Strunk – Secretary

Anna Rose Sexton
Linda Lay
James Walker
Allison Gilbert
Jacob Billingsley
Tracey Stansberry

Mountain People’s Health Councils, Inc. (MPHC) has a board of directors made up of members of the communities it serves. In fact, at least half of all board members must be active patients of the organization. This makes MPHC unique by allowing patients to have a direct say in the type of services provided at MPHC clinics. At least half of the board members know first-hand the level of care and customer service provided by MPHC staff. Their experiences as patients help shape the organization and provide direction for continuous improvement.

MPHC’s board consists of 11 members, five women and six men. These board members reasonably represent the individuals served by the organization in terms of race, ethnicity, and gender. Currently, seven of the eleven members (75%) use Mountain People’s clinics as their primary source of medical care. There are currently board members from each of the communities served by MPHC clinics. Board members are from varying socio-economic backgrounds including a former school principle, two former county executives, a local business owner, two retired postmasters, a retired accountant, a retired public relations manager, an attorney, a doctor of physical therapy, and a local pharmacist. Board member ages range from mid-30’s to early 80’s. MPHC is fortunate to have these dedicated advocates for comprehensive and affordable health care on its Board of Directors.

Several MPHC board members have served on the board for many years and their dedication to MPHC has helped guide the organization through good times as well as bad. MPHC board members believe in and support the mission of the organization to provide cost effective health care to the uninsured and underserved of Scott and surrounding counties.