Our History

Mountain People’s Health Councils, Inc. (MPHC) has proudly provided affordable healthcare options to the people in Scott and its surrounding counties for more than 50 years. The organization was formed in 1973 to help individuals and families that did not have access to medical care or otherwise could not afford to go to a doctor when they were sick. MPHC started with three clinics in Norma, Petros, and Stoney Fork, TN, and has continued to grow to meet the needs of the uninsured and underserved. By offering services on a sliding fee payment system MPHC is able to provide medical care to patients who do not have the financial resources to see a medical provider. The sliding fee discount program allows access to healthcare at a cost patients can more readily afford. All MPHC patients receive quality medical care without discrimination on the grounds of race, sex, religion, national origin or the ability to pay.

MPHC has 6 clinic locations in Scott County. The offices are located in the towns of Oneida, Huntsville, and Winfield and the communities of Elgin and Norma. MPHC’s services remain an essential part of the local healthcare community by providing affordable healthcare to everyone in the community, including the working poor and uninsured that need access to quality medical care.

MPHC employs over 20 medical, dental, and behavioral health providers and a support staff of more than 120 full and part-time employees. These jobs not only support the community by providing much needed services they also help to support the local economy. Each MPHC office is geographically located in the local communities within Scott County to help patients better access the care they need.

medical provider

MPHC makes a difference to the local areas it serves by providing comprehensive services that include: Internal Medicine, Family, Pediatric and General Practice, laboratory services, X-ray, family planning, prenatal care, developmental screening, urgent care, immunizations, health education, hearing and vision screening, dental, mental health/substance abuse services and 24 hour call coverage for all of its patients. MPHC is very active in the healthcare community and is working with other local organizations to provide the services that are needed to reduce suffering caused by sickness and disease in the area.